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Public FAQs

These are the public FAQs available to everyone

Title up / down Language up / down State up / down Result (%) up / down Votes up / down
 Are website domain names registered by you? en public (all) 0.00 0
 Does START support author rebuttal to reviews? en public (all) 50.00 1
 Does START support differentiating papers to one of two categories? en public (all) 0.00 0
 Hit the submit button, but nothing happened en public (all) 0.00 0
 How can I use START on a MAC? en public (all) 0.00 0
 Submitting a paper on behalf of an author en public (all) 0.00 0
 Where are the FAQs about the START Manager Console? en public (all) 0.00 1
 Where is the START manual? en public (all) 0.00 0
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