The 2024 Conference on New Trends in Translation and Technology

NeTTT 2024

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International Conference NeTTT 2024

New Trends in Translation and Technology

Varna, Bulgaria

3-6 July 2024

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The main conference venue will be Cherno more hotel in Varna. The hotel is located in the pedestrian area, in the very heart of the city, just a short walk from Varna's historical and cultural landmarks,

including the Sea Garden park and the Black Sea coast. The hotel will be accommodating conference participants for the prices listed below.

All conference bookings will be taken care of by the NeTTT 2024 organisers, so it is not necessary to contact Cherno more hotel yourself.

Please make sure you book your accommodation by 31 May 2024.

For last-minute bookings we cannot guarantee room availability in the same hotel at the given prices. However, rooms with comparable prices could be available in the nearby hotels.

If you have not finalised your travel plans yet, you are welcome to come back later and update this registration with accommodation details.

Due to ongoing large-scale repair works related to the modernization of the Black Sea Hotel & Casino, temporary inconveniences are possible on the territory of the hotel complex.
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Our hotel Cherno more prices include breakfast, insurance, tourist tax and VAT.

Social events

Will you join in the cruise on Tuesday, 3 July
(45€, limited capacity)?(*)  
Participation is confirmed after payment.
If you have guests for the cruise on Tuesday, 3 July, please enter their number at checkout (45€ per person).

Would you like to join the welcome cocktail
on Tuesday, 3 July (free of charge)?(*)  
If you have guests for the welcome cocktail on Tuesday, 3 July, please enter their number at checkout (20€ per person).

Will you attend the gala dinner on Friday,
5 July (free of charge)?(*)  
Do you have any special dietary
requirements? Please specify  
Do you have any allergy or intolerance? 
If you have guests for the gala dinner on Friday, 5 July, please enter their number at checkout (50€ per person).
If you have guests for the cruise, the welcome cocktail or the gala dinner, please note their number at checkout.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that all cancellations and/or changes to the registration must be made exclusively through the link in the confirmation email you receive at registration or by email to

The following cancellation policy applies to NeTTT 2024:

• Registration cancelled on 31 May 2024 or earlier: full refund;

• Registration cancelled on 1 June 2024 or later: no refund.

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