If you decide to use START's multi-track functionality, then each track can be managed semi-autonomously by a Track Manager's console - a scaled-down version of the START manager's console (with control limited to the track). 

The purpose of this section is to describe the view seen from the Track Manager's console. In most cases, the functionality is identical to an analogous tool on the main manager's console. The only difference is in the information presented - which refers exclusively to the track being managed.

Track Account Manager:
This tool presents a three-panel, split-screen interface. The top panel lists current members of the Track. If a user is only a member of the track - without other review access for the conference - then the track manager can alter the person's user profile, e.g., the user's name, email address, password, etc. If the user has other START duties (e.g., as member of another track, or PC member), then the track manager cannot change any of the profile information. However, the track manager can delete track members - regardless of whether they have access to other START tools.  In all other cases, track account deletion results only in removing access to the track. The user's other privileges remain as they were.

Another panel presents a list of usernames who already have START accounts for the conference - however, they are not, as yet, affiliated with the track. You can, if you wish, give them track-member permissions, simply by checking a box next to their userids. That way, they can use their START userids/passwords to access your track's information - and you need not assign them separate accounts for the track.

The bottom panel presents a table of fill-in slots, to create new START accounts for Track Members. Fields are provided to enter a member's username, password, email address, first name, last name, and the "greeting name", to be used in auto-generated correspondence. Upon account creation, these people will be eligible to participate in the track's review process. If other Track Managers wish to add these users to their tracks, they will have the option of doing so.

Send Track Members Account Information:
This tool presents another split-screen view: on the top is a draft letter to send to your track members, informing them of their track-member status, and giving them account information. On the bottom is a check-off list of people to send this information; a member whose name is checked will receive a personalized copy of the letter. The letter can be edited to suit your needs.

Setup Track Policies:
This tool sets up the structure for your track's evaluation and review process. The options here are essentially the same as those for the committee - however, the settings will only influence the process of a single track. (Each track's policies can be set individually; they won't interfere with each other, or with the top-level policies.) 

Initiate Bid Process:
This tool informs your track members about the "bid process" - in which they can send in their reviewing preferences. (This is an optional step, which is not necessary if you plan on selecting all review assignments for your track, regardless of preference.) The page is structured with a split-screen view: a draft letter is on top, and a check-off list of recipients is on the bottom. The draft letter contains some general guidelines for bidding on papers; however the actual text can be edited to suit your needs.

Assign Reviewers:
This page contains a set of tools which help you assign submissions to reviewers on your track. The method used is identical to that described for the Program Committee.

Setup Review Process:
This is another mail tool, used to inform your track members about the review procedures for your track. It is structured like the other mail tools: there is a split-screen view, with a draft letter on top, and a check-off list of recipients on the bottom. The draft letter contains information about where the reviewers can find their assignments (they are on a "To Do" list, activated when a reviewer logs on). The letter also contains some fairly generic guidelines for reviewers to follow; however the actual text should be edited to target the needs of your track. This letter should be sent after you make your review assignments. Personalized copies will be sent to each reviewer (who is selected to receive this information.)

Monitor Review Progress: This tool allows you to monitor the progress of your reviewers. The screen presents two tables. The table on top lists all of the submissions which are subject to review; each submission lists the names of the reviewers assigned to review it (as well as the names of "unsolicited reviewers", if any exist). There are three options associated with each reviewer's name (for a submission):

  • View Review: If the review is completed, the reviewer's name actually be a hyperlink, which will let you access the review. (If the review is not done, no hyperlink will be presented - since there's nothing to see.) By clicking on the reviewer's name, you can see his/her review for the submission.
  • Edit Review: You may also edit a particular review. To do so, you need only click on an EDIT button next to a reviewer's name (and under the submission's title). If no review was completed by the assigned reviewer - and if you wish to enter one on his/her behalf - you may do so with this tool.
  • Delete Review: In the case where you wish to delete a review (for a particular reviewer and a submission), you can click on a DELETE button next to the reviewer's name - and the review will be deleted from START's database.

The table on the bottom of this page organizes the same information in a different way. The table presents an alphabetized list of review names, each of which is linked to the reviewer's personal "To Do" list. When you click on a reviewer's name, you are shown a list of the submissions he/she has already reviewed, and those which have not yet been reviewed. Under each title on the "already reviewed" list, you are given the same options as above: you can view, edit or delete the review in question.

Report Generator: START's report facility for the track level is identical to that provided for the main conference level.